What's Included in your rate?

  • Full 2 course breakfast with tea or filter coffee
  • Complimentary espresso pod, tea or coffee throughout the day
  • Complimentary rusks in your bedroom to be enjoyed with your tea or coffee
  • Charlotte Rhys shampoo and liquid soap in bathrooms
  • Complimentary chocolate bowl & sherry in the lounge
  • Free WiFi for business or pleasure.


Nicolaas, Chris, Rupert, Sofi & Will look forward to welcoming you to the Old Village Lodge.    

Relax, unwind and rejuvenate your body, mind and soul in Magical McGregor....... where time stands still.......

For all enquiries contact:

Nicolaas van der Westhuizen

Corner 69 Voortrekker & Bree Street McGregor

023 625 1692

082 891 4460


The village has a progressive Waldorf school and more than a dozen hiking trails around the village and surrounding mountains.


Crafters, sculptors, painters, potters, musicians and metalworkers have all found a home in McGregor, and they have managed to set up a local art route where they sell their products straight from their studios.


The wellness side of McGregor is catered for in the form of retreats, meditation centres, massage services, tarot readings and healing body therapies.


McGregor was proclaimed in 1862. In the early 20th Century, there was talk that the Great North Road from Cape Town would pass through the village. Thankfully that never happened, allowing McGregor to retain its special nostalgic beauty.


A local Heritage Society works hard to maintain the historical significance of McGregor. An aesthetics committee is also in place, ensuring that any new building going up in McGregor adheres to a set of guidelines.